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Glass Roofs UK offer internal and external walk on rooflights using complex structured component laminates to achieve the ultimate in walk on rooflights for your Aldershot project. We have worked with glass structural engineers to ensure maximum safety of the product, using a 33mm component laminate as standard. This means that peace of mind can be installed with our walk on rooflights.

This means it can be used in commercial applications as well as domestic design architecture. For external walk on rooflights, we use 33mm component laminate with a thermal spacer and a stepped inner pane for better thermal U-values. This allows them to enhance overall heat retention wherever they are installed, offering the potential for reduced heating bills and carbon footprint.

Other companies use welded aluminium frames that are not thermally broken and contribute to cold bridging issues which leads to condensation and as a result causes long lasting damage and costly repairs to your Aldershot home. At Glass Roofs UK we use only the best in thermal quality with full test reports for all our walk on rooflights to ensure product quality performance across the board.

Walk On Rooflights


  • Thermally broken aluminium frame
  • 28mm thermal breaks
  • 33mm component laminate glass (clear or privacy)
  • Suitable for external or internal use
  • Anti-slip & privacy glass available
  • Polyester powder coated frames
  • 4mm, 6mm or 8mm inner pane
  • Argon gas filled cavity
  • Tech Drawings and Manuals available from Member Area
  • Walk on Rooflight
Walk On Rooflights

Glass Options

All of our walk on rooflights are fitted with neutral, toughened solar glass as standard. They can also be fitted with a range of various solar performing glasses, triple glazed, laminated glass, privacy glass and more. This means that you’ll be able to effortlessly tailor the walk on rooflight to suit the need of your customer, or project, to ensure it becomes a complementary feature for any Aldershot home.

Our glass options are expertly glass bonded into the rooflight frame, which works to promote better security and structural integrity across the build. Not only does this secure peace of mind, it also helps the walk on rooflight to achieve a longer lifespan. Even after extensive use they will perform at their best, allowing for lasting quality and reduced aftersales throughout the process.

Walk On Rooflights


Our walk on rooflights are made bespoke to order, tailored to your exact specifications to ensure they serve as the perfect fit. This is carried out with complete precision, making the installation process as simple and effective as possible. Further to this, as they are made specifically for the required aperture of your Aldershot building, they achieve maximum standards of thermal efficiency and weatherproofing.

When measuring for your walk on rooflight needs, make sure to get in touch with us to discuss the structural detailing of your opening. This will allow us to advise you on getting the ideal fit for your project, allowing you to avoid any potential delays or problems. We’ll be more than happy to help you get the right walk on rooflight for your Aldershot project, so just get in touch with a member of our team today.

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For an in-depth look at our range of aluminium rooflights and how they can be used to transform a property, download the GRUK brochure using the link below.

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